A Scapegoat Conspiracy: iKON’s B.I

B.I. AKA Kim Hanbin has left iKON, as his contract with YG Entertainment has been terminated.

However to me, something doesn’t seem quite right, and YG Entertainment has a lot to answer for.

These events are due to a leaked conversation from 2016, in which B.I. said he was interested in marijuana and LSD; however he did NOT purchase or consume these drugs.

The news was broken by Dispatch earlier today, and there are allegations that Yang Hyun Suk influenced the testimony of “A” , the person who was arrested for the use of marijuana in 2016.

During “A’s” drug investigation, the police found a phone conversation between “A” and B.I , that suggested B.I was attempting to buy drugs from them.

In their police statement, “A” stated that they had delivered LSD to B.I in May 2016, but then their testimony changed when the police questioned them again – no drugs were exchanged.

Dispatch reported that Yang Hyun Suk met with “A” after they had been interviewed by the police, and had even hired a lawyer for them.

YG Entertainment stated that the meeting between themselves and “A” was just to clarify what was said about B.I .

iKONIC and K-Pop fans globally are shocked, angry and saddened by this sudden event, and all fingers are pointing to YG Entertainment. Fans feel that B.I wasn’t helped or protected, and they want answers.

It seems that we will never know the truth, but I find it very unsettling and suspicious that YG wouldn’t try and help their artist – one of their top money makers.

YG Entertainment’s stocks dropped majorly due to the ongoing Burning Sun scandal, and have indeed dropped even more today, as B.I’s situation unfolded.

Many are saying this is a scapegoat situation, and the heat from YG, Seungri and the Burning Sun scandal is now being overpowered by this situation. I agree.

What are your thoughts? What do you think this means for iKON?

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