A Letter to the Black, Female K-Pop Fan: Part 1

Now girls, this is something that has been on my mind for some time now. And regardless of whether you’re a black, female K-Pop/K-Hip Hop fan or not, I’m sure you can agree with some of the opinions and events, that I will be laying out. It has come to my attention, that some black females, (whether they be African-American, Black British Caribbean or Black British African), are engaging in embarrassing activity. This behaviour over-shades all of us, and hence we are all tarred with the same fetishising, Korea-Boo brush. Yes, I am a Black British female…

Don’t get me wrong, music, fashion and entertainment are for everybody; and your race should not determine what you consume or enjoy as a person. But when certain individuals start eating, sleeping living and breathing K-Pop and Korean men to the point where it is life, this is where we have an issue.


I only date Asian guys.

Don’t talk to him, he’s not Korean.

Put your money away, they’ll pay for everything because you’re black.

I only date Korean guys.

OMG meeting him was the best day of my life.


My response to those statements:




I brought my own money for this holiday.

Again, heh?

Calm down, he’s just a choreographer…

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I will not be “throwing shade” but speaking the truth; based on my own personal experiences, factual information and of course what my eyes and ears have had the pleasure of consuming.

But have you actually ever dated an Asian guy before? Or are you just turning guys down because of their race? Sorry! No shade, no shade…


Let’s first start with the internet, shall we?

The internet is a breeding ground, for this, as people can easily come together, telling their stories of their encounters with idols and non-idols. The one account that is infamous for encouraging girls, young and older, is

“K-Music and Black Women.”

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the account, that is present on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Recently the owner of these social media accounts was highlighted (finally), for their homunculus behaviour. It’s almost as if she is the Pied Piper of  “Black girl K-Pop”, and girls both young and mature, follow her. Whilst encouraging her YouTube videos about “*insert K-Pop boy group name here* and Black Girls.”

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If you aren’t aware of the content, I’ll break it down for you. Clips of Korean idols at fan meets and/or concerts are merged together, where they are “staring at black girls” or “engaging with them more” than girls of other races; just for the simple fact that they are black. For example, a clip will be slowed down, and replayed numerous times, to show how much “Jackson 잭슨 is staring at a black girl.” Or, the amount of eye contact that is being made.

This is called fan service! It’s what you paid for when you purchased your ticket! And it’s their job to create this experience for you!

Of course, they love their fans, no doubt about that, but come on! Stop with the false hope!

The viewers then become excited after viewing this content and comment things such as:

  • “Yaaaasss! You know they like that chocolate!”
  • “Girl, you inspired me to do this and that, when I met so-and-so.”
  • “Oooo! Now I’m gonna post my experience with so-and-so on my YouTube channel.”

The actions that are then carried out by some girls, is absolutely shocking and embarrassing. And some YouTube videos I have seen which include how much “Jackson didn’t want to leave me, or let go of my hand,” seem VERY far-fetched.

Speaking of Jackson… the recent controversy that happened with his dreads and Pepsi China advert. Some were offended, some were not. And yet, K-Music and Black Women thought that it would be funny and okay to say :

“Cultural appropriation? Jackson can culturally appropriate this pussy!”

This is not a joke! I saw this on her Instagram story. As a woman of 27 years old, I think you know better. As I myself, am a black female of a mature age. It’s fine if you aren’t offended by his hairstyle, but stop portraying black women as these desperate broads who will do ANYTHING to have an Asian man in between their legs.

And girls! STOP acting mindless and extra! Why do you want to be the female minority that is pimped out? We are not objects to be sexualised and sexually enthralled and enthused, by the sight of an Asian (in this case Korean) man!

So, so sexually emancipated that we start acting a damn fool around them, and for them!

Honestly, how do you think you look to them, and everyone around you?

It’s obvious that someone with such a large following on their social media accounts, know of course that they are a huge influence- especially to young girls. Are you seriously telling me that everything you post, and every video you edit, claiming XYZ, are things that you believe to be 100% true? No. That slow motion clip of Yugyeom 유겸 blinking in that girl’s direction? He’s just blinking.

Image result for stupid kpop gif

 I’m not here to “call her out”, I’m just highlighting this account.

Anyway, next!

Keep an eye out for part 2, where I discuss escapades that happen on holidays to South Korea, and more!

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