A BTS Game Is Coming! ARMY Fans Develop a Demo of a New BTS Game

Aeon Dream Studios are an indie game developer. You may have come across the hashtag #ARMYWantsBTSGames, in December 2016.  It seems that the fans have taken matters into their own hands.Here is a segment of the statement from the developers:


“We have prepared a FREE unofficial fan made demo of our potential BTS game for ARMY to play. We are developers, but please consider this currently fan made as we make no profit from it!

We are not in any way affiliated with BigHit Entertainment or BTS. However, we are trying to get in contact with them to obtain licensing and permission to create this game. As a small, foreign developer trying to speak to such a popular company, you can imagine how hard this is. That is why we are coming to you, their fans, for help! So please share the demo as much as possible and check the links above for more ways to help.”

To give your input on the game development, you may fill in the following survey, here 

Download the demo here, and once you have played, you can give your feedback here


It seems that the BTS fandom are indeed very powerful, and highly supportive of the guys! This development of course costs money! And this was done off of their own backs, with no donations whatsoever.

Personally, I think if the game is given the get go, b Big Hit Entertainment, Armys around the world would be more than happy to donate!

More useful links:

Unofficial Tumblr Page for the Project

Demo Page and full FAQ (Coming Soon)

Press Release

Does this idea excite you?

Would you be willing to donate?

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