5 Underrated Love Songs: Let’s Hear It For The Girls!


I’m not a big fan of girl groups, but there are a select few female artists that catch my eye!

There are a lot of underrated love songs, from so many female artists, and so I thought I’d share my favourites with you. In no particular order…

G-FRIEND 여자친구: Summer Rain 여름비

The song samples a piece of classical music that ties in beautifully with the subtle, but charming and romantic instruments. The aesthetics and cinematography of the music video really work well with GFRIEND’s cute, elegant and innocent persona. The lyrics use nature and the season of summer as a clever metaphor, for the yearning and longing for that special love.

I don’t even have a significant other! But yet this song gets me all up in my feels!


Jessi (제시) Excessive Love 살찐 사랑

Someone please put some respect on Jessi’s 제시 name! She’s an amazing rapper, but her singing ability is so overlooked! That raspiness and melodic sound she has is very unique. With splashes of Film Noir, this video shows a contrast of Jessi’s 제시hardshell and soft side, both intertwined.

She talks about accepting the end of a relationship, but she was too blind to see that it wasn’t always good for her; and it made her become someone that she wasn’t. Yet, she still struggles to move on. Sing it girl!

April 에이프릴: April Story 봄의 나라 이야기

*Musical interlude starts*


Yaaaas! You! Be-tter! Work!  It!  Girl!  You! Be-tter! Work! Iiiiiiit!

This song makes me want to put on a little tutu or a floaty dress, or something; and just start floating and prancing around.

This song is about the typical staring at someone from a far, and trying to contain your feelings, and all of those feels. Plot twist! There’s another girl who is already in the mix, and so you stay on the sidelines. They portray this extremely well in the music video, as April 에이프릴 are figurines in a store, that take a keen interest in a human who visits their shop window.


Sejeong 세정 (Gugudan 구구단) : Flower Way

This song is more reminiscent of childhood, and holds sentimental feelings.  the type of love that you have for a parent/parents, as Sejeong 세정 talks about the care and nurturing she received during her youth. She speaks of being thankful for the things that those around her gave up for her, in order for her to blossom and grow beautifully. Now she wants to aid them and thank them for everything they’ve done.


The Barberettes 바버렛츠: Summer Love

If Taemin isn’t me right now…

Anywho… The Barbarettes 바버렛츠 are extremely talented, and this song makes you feel all warm, and fuzzy inside. As well as making me pity myself.


Everyone knows Summer is when all the eye candy comes out, and the good times with friends and potential love interests commence! The beautiful trio are old souls, that warm your heart with timeless, retro-like music. This track is one of my absolute favourites by them.

What are some of your favourite love songs?

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