5 Classic K-Pop Halloween Moments!

It’s officially Halloween! Whether you’re celebrating with a quiet night in at home or going to a club or a party, here are 5 classic K-Pop Halloween moments to get you in the mood!

Key 키 and Onew 온유: “Ronald McDonald” and “The KFC Colonel.”

Who could forget these two fast food characters’ showdown? It took place at the SM Entertainment Halloween party in 2015.

I wonder if they’ll ever be able to top these costumes?

JYP’s Plastic See-Through Trousers/Pants.

Whether he knows it or not, this is a timeless outfit! That typical 90’s hairstyle and clumpy trainer/sneaker combo doq the trick!

Here’s a costume idea for you daring folks!

Image result for shocked kpop gif

Actually, this outfit from “Who’s Your Mama 어머님이 누구니”, was pretty stylish too!

Image result for jyp whos your mama gif

Yes JYP! Kill ’em!

U-KISS 유키스 : “Stalker” Music Video

Ayyyye! I loved the whole vampire vibe that this video had! The beat sets the tone, and makes you feel that something’s going to happen! Just like in a scary movie. U-KISS 유키스 were spooky but somewhat attractive at the same time. Maybe I’m weird…

GOT7 갓세븐: “FLY In Shanghai” – Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

Firstly, Jackson’s 잭슨 face at 1.00 when he does that arm movement. LOL. Secondly, Bam Bam’s 뱀뱀 little wiggle that he does in between Jackson and Yugyeom 유겸 and thirdly why do these outfits suit them so much? They look quite comfortable actually, and they quite practical and modest for a long night out!

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 As Vampires: “Hero” (Halloween Version)

Okay, so you guys know I love MONSTA X 몬스타엑스, and they had to pop up somewhere. Sorry, not sorry…Image result for kpop rolling eyes gif

There are actually music show performances of this version, and Wonho 원호 wore red contact lenses, ooo giiiirrlll! I actually didn’t like this version of the song at first; I preferred the music video version more. But after seeing them perform it live, I’m swayed.


Image result for eat popcorn gif


JackBam: “Who’s Your Mama어머님이 누구니?” Cosplay/Performance?

I remember the first time I saw this video, I think I had just started listening to GOT7갓세븐. I started coming across weird stuff – mostly videos of Jackson잭슨 dressing up as women. I was so confused about him at the start. Then I realised that he just loved to entertain!

Bam Bam뱀뱀 had that smooth JYP attitude down to a tee!

Props for the booty padding, and those killer legs in those killer heels!

Wait, was that padding or not?

Image result for youngjae got7 laughing gif

Did I miss any iconic moments or outfits? What are your favourite?

Photo Credit: SM Town Official Facebook

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