24K ‘Still With 24U’: 2018 World Tour In Paris – The Rundown

24K’s 투포케이의 European tour is over! Were you there, or did you miss out?  24K put on an amazing show! Every. Single. Time!

The boys put on an absolutely high powered show, and are truly dark horses, that don’t get to showcase their talents as much as other groups!

Their sincerity, hunger and passion is all infused collectively.

The Fan Meet

The guys spent over 3 hours with their fans before the show, as they signed albums, took selfies, hi-touched and partook in group photos. All of this being done with the brightest smiles, genuine care, thoughtfulness and laughter.

As I spent my time photographing the fans, the guys and the event in its entirety, I got to see how humble and grateful 24K 투포케이 truly are for their fans.

This is literally one of my absolute favourites

The guys were so sweet and were more than happy to smile for my camera. JeongUk seemed to love the camera quite a bit! 


I had small conversation with them here and there, and exchanged “thanks” and smiles with Jeonguk 정욱, but the ONE person who had me internally lose my sh*t, was Cory.

I could not fathom…

My face on the outside looked normal, but inside I was dying! Any time I’d make eye contact with him, I HAD TO LOOK AWAY. I couldn’t stomach it! Lol! I’ve never felt so nervous and nauseous in my life (as a member of the press). 

So I finally asked him something, as they were leaving to get ready for the show. We exchanged a handshake/Hi-5 and a thank you. 

*Me to myself* “Shari! Don’t mess this up! Say something, say something!”


Me: “How does your make-up stay so intact? Mine is dripping off my face!”

It was, really, really hot that day, so…


The Concert

They lit up the stage with their classic hits, and treated the audience to highly anticipated unit performances.

Cory 코리 and Jeong Uk 정욱 took to the stage with “Monkey Bbench” (some say “Monkey Wrench” and “Monkey B****” – this still confuses me). Their love for hip-hop was powerfully exported through this rap performance.

A strong and hard-hitting dance stage was performed by ChangSun 창선, Hongseob 홍섭 and the newcomer and maknae Kiyong 기용.

Cory 코리 and Jinhong 진홍 slowed it down, with a beautiful version of “Jealous” by Labrinth.

In a nutshell, it was such an amazing experience, and I highly recommend seeing and stanning 24K 투포케이! This is my second time, and I’m more impressed than the first! They’re forever evolving and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their next release!

For more photos of both the fan meet and the concert visit my Official Facebook Page.  

Did you see 24K 투포케이 perform this year? 

Which show did you attend?

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