24K is ‘Still with 24U’ in their 2018 World Tour!

The boys are back, and they never fail to disappoint! 24K 투포케이 will take charge of 7 European cities from 3rd-15th August, and it’s time to get up-close and personal in an intimate fan sign and concert!

24U are you ready?

Skey Ace are bringing the boys back to us this summer, and Europe is about to be even hotter this summer!

  • Lisbon – 3rd August at LAV
  • Berlin – 5th August at Columbia
  • Paris – 7th August at Le Trabendo
  • Prague – 9th August at Prague
  • Warsaw – 11th August at Progresja
  • Essen –  13th August at Weststadthalle
  • Helsinki  – 15th August at Gloria

If you’re located in the UK, then Paris is just over 1 hour away! So why not take a short trip across the channel and meet the boys on 7th August, at Le Trabendo!

Here’s a little background info on the guys!

24K 투포케이 burst into the scene in 2012, and their style has captured the attention of fans on an international scale! The group write and produce their own music, and create their electrifying choreography and performances. Although they have gone through hardships in Korea, due to being blacklisted because of their choice of political parties 24K 투포케이 are still going strong, and stay motivated and enthused each day.


With a number of member changes throughout the years, their hunger and passion still lies within them.

24K 투포케이 consists of Cory, Jeonguk, Kisu (currently enlisted in the military), Changsun, Jinhong, Hongseob and Kiyong. Their latest mini album “Bonnie and Clyde” was released on 25th May 2018, and the hard-hitting, EDM title track bears the same name. They came through in true 24K 투포케이 style.

I truly believe that 24K 투포케이 will go from strength to strength, as their following outside of Korea is increasing as we speak. They completed the North American leg of their tour, earlier this year.

I’ve seen the guys perform love before, and they go absolutely hard! They’re chilled and give off “the-boy-next-door type of vibe.


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24K  투포케이 “Only You (너 하나면 돼)”

EDM infused with R’n’B, what sorcery is this you ask?

“Only You (너 하나면 돼)” has a unique sound, and it’s feather-light percussion sounds will have you bopping along in no time!

Tickets to the tour are still available here, and you can see further information via Skey Ace’s official Facebook.

Grab them whilst you can, and we’ll see you there!

Photo Credit: Skey Ace

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